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RickTitan is a Transformational Speaker/Coach who started studying Personal Development 15 years ago when after suffering a broken neck in the Sports Entertainment Industry - even with all the Fame & Fortune of World Wrestling Entertainment - W.W.E. - He thought "There has got to be more than this to Life." Rick has studied extensively Taoism, Hinduism, Yoga Philosophies and also studied with a Tibetan Buddhist Monk for 4 years. He has dedicated his life to teaching others how to Crush Stress, BE Anger-Free, Crush your Self-Sabotage, Let Go of the Painful Past & Get 'Fired Up!' and Self-Motivated again.

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Why Work with Rick?

What I liked most about Ricks’ Workshop on Anger is that it was (marketed) for everyone. I didn’t feel like I was walking into a group therapy session with a bunch of angry people; rather normal people who simply have a desire to learn how to let go of their anger.
It’s a really, really, really awesome thing!
I hope everyone gets a chance to learn how to deal with their emotions in a healthy way. It will change the world for the better.


Having heard Rick’s views of releasing the emotion of anger in our lives has provided me with some reminders and a new perspective of the topic. Rick is a passionate speaker and gets his message across via his extensive personal experiences and background. I left the talk with a renewed view of anger in my life and a fresh attitude about the future.

Dorota Ulkowska
Founder, Mind Intermission Inc.

For many years I’ve been struggling with demons of self destruction. I’ve had fears and self doubt surrounding my own success and professional accomplishments. Rick very matter-of-factly and gently opened up conversation with me on my “sh*t” and helped me to see my success to date and how easy in fact it is for me to have success in my business. Rick, knowing I desire to move onward and upward as it would be, gave me tools to use and work through my self-sabotage to gain the further success I desire. Thank you Rick for your ability and desire to make a difference in another's life, namely mine!


Thank you  for your very informative and useful workshop “Destroy your Anger”. Even though the intent of the presentation was directed mostly for an adult audience, it was amazing how you could keep my  10 year old's  attention for two hours. Your presentation was in simple and  very explanatory language, easy to relate to real-life situations and everyday life. My son  was feeling  so comfortable that he even participated  in discussions!

Luba Perewernycky


My goal is to get my clients and students empowered and back on track to a life filled with UnStoppable moments of happiness. Come on a journery of betterment with me, lets achieve some goals together.
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